Exactitude CRM Consulting

Founder and consultant, Rick Stocker, has 20 years management experience in customer service, contact centres and CRM technology and practice.

Our niche is helping small to medium enterprises implement better practice in managing customer contact, service and communication.  We work closely with clients to understand their needs and respond with well-thought-out and creative solutions.

Attention-to-detail is at the heart of everything we do

Salesforce CRM™ and Service Cloud™

Consultant Rick Stocker has 8 years' experience with Salesforce™ as solution designer, implementer and system manager and can provide a comprehensive hands-on service to scope, design and implement robust solutions.

Salesforce is a vast and multi-faceted platform.  I have hands-on expertise in most of its modules and declarative programming optons.  This, together with my operational management backgroung, positions me as a capable, flexible and cost-effective implementer of small-to-medium scale projects.

Rick Stocker

Contact Centre - Design, Setup, Process Improvement

Rick Stocker offers over 15 years experience in contact centre management in settings as diverse as IT, direct-to-consumer and government.  He has rehabilitated poor-performing centres, chosen and implemented new technology and developed effective programs of quality measurement and improvement.

I am well placed to help small-to-medium enterprises set-up a contact or service centre, improve the quality of service or increase operational efficiency. 

Rick Stocker



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